Laker Girl

by iconmatthew1

Even if your not a sports fan you can probably understand the concept that certain teams hate each other. Its called a rivalry, and some are more heated than others. Its what makes sports so much fun to be honest, sworn enemies battling it out for top spot and or pride. Its war on a field, court or rink.

“Oh this?”

Some fans obviously take their respective rivalries a bit more serious than others, and this usually depends on how much their favorite teams hate each other. In the sport of basketball there is probably no nastier feud than the Los Angeles Lakers (No, L.A. does not have a lake) and the Boston Celtics. These two powerhouses have gone toe to toe with each other since basically the inception of the NBA. And for good reason, they have consistently met in some of the most memorable NBA Championships of all time and their share of titles are neck and neck. So here is the question this little sketch poses; can intense supporters of these franchises ever truly get along?

Its a topic Jenn Marlis explores in her sketch: “Laker Girl”. While I helped write the script to this short which went on to air on the sketch comedy venue “The Randumb Show” its basically all her idea. (and her editing) I had a lot of fun helping it get made, and it was a pain on a rushed schedule, fighting the flu, being forced out of one shooting location due to a fire alarm going off (while it was raining outside may I add) and just general issues that come up during shooting.  But hey I got a cool cameo out of it. I’d like to also point out the happy accidents too, for example the Lakers fan Kristen is on the left (west coast) and the Celtics fan Ryan is on the right (east coast). So please take some time out of your day to watch this video and then answer my poll on whether you could ever date someone who was a diehard of your rival sports team.